Portfolio Management

Redwood Finance manages capital on behalf of its clients with the specific aim of meeting the objectives of the client. We aim to be the trusted advisor and provide tailor-made recommendations following a thorough systematic process including key objectives/ needs of investor, markets screening, due diligence, investment recommendation and on-going monitoring.



We have a good understanding of each client and each institution has specific needs over time. We work very closely with such institutions to maximize their returns over the desired timeframe while still maintaining flexibility such as potential liquidity needs, distribution payout, desire for steady cash flow long-term, among others.


Individuals and Families

Financial independence for lifetime requires effective planning and saving from a very young age or from the first job itself, to maximize returns over time. We work very closely with individuals and monitor their individual and family plans to ensure their plan meets their desired objective through education planning for children, retirement, travel experience among other lifetime goals.